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Licensed Money lender have been understood to finance tiny entrepreneurs who usually do not have enough capital to create the bases of these business, therefore the mechanism whereby money is provided or a credit is granted to individuals, companies or organizations so that it carries out a project, or acquires goods or services, covers the expenses of its activity or labour and fulfills its responsibilities with its suppliers. Financing can be an essential engine for its development of the economy, since it allows organizations to access resources to carry out their money lender tasks, plan their future, or enlarge.

The most Frequent way to obtain financing is Through Licensed money lender or loans . In general, it is money that has to be returned depending on the agreement that has been taken at that time that the parties signed a contract, even if it has to be returned short or long term, with or without interestpaid in full or in installments.
There are two types of brief and long term financing.

Shortterm financing is one whose expression Maturity is less than twelve (12) months. In Long-term contrast financing, maturity is greater than one year.

The money Lender of all Accreditloan facilitates the help of money to the borrower, under the commitment that the exact same is going to be returned in a specific moment. Therefore, the creditor charges a percentage being a interest to compensate for the risk of loss of that amount.

Licensed Money lender usually bill this percentage of interest in the loan, based on the level of risk, the debt factor and also the guarantees offered by the borrower, so that the lender, at the worst instance, if The borrower does not meet the commitment to repay, doesn’t lose the full amount of the amount of money borrowed.
Keep in mind that there are several types of Money lender; these really are natural persons or legal entities, which people or companies could visit when they need money in a specific time.

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