Notes on propane

Research, September 2014
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These are notes until we can get around to deciding what to write and writing it.

20lb propane tanks can be had for a few bucks at estate sales. Refill at hardware stores, avoid swap-out places that charge a lot more. They can be used to refill smaller one with an adapter. They stack nicely.

Propane bottle stacking options:

Propane bottle refilling options:

Walmart 20lb propane tank prices around $30.

Walmart double-burner 30K+ BTU camp stove $90 without propane tank.

Walmart Coleman 10K BTU single-burner propane stove including tiny tank $25.

Walmart Ozark Trail 10K BTU single-burner propane stove, $20. Might not be as good as the Coleman.

Walmart Coleman 1lb propane fuel, 2-pack, $6.

Mr. Heater indoor propane heater is safe indoors, why?


Propane heaters that are burning optimally give off carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced by propane heaters when there's low amounts of oxygen. Good ones sense this and shut down. You should purchase a CO detector for use anyway just to be sure.